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Pain is a very effective body warning alerting system, like arthritis pain, that sends across the message that something is definitely wrong and it is associated with an unpleasant experience generally associated with wear and tear or damage to the body tissues.

The sensation of pain is transmitted from the site of injury to our Central Nervous System through the electrical and chemical signals of the special nerve fibers present in our body.

Arthritis pain varies greatly from person to person and so does the ability of a person to tolerate pain. Moreover how you experience the pain directly depends on your physical and mental conditions. It can also interfere in your ability to exercise and participate in other activities.

Most forms of Arthritis are associated with pain that can be classified into two categories, Acute and Chronic pain. Acute pain tends to be more beneficial and serves as our defense system since it alerts us of an injury.

Acute pain is generally temporary but it eventually disappears as healing occurs. Its intensity may range from mild to moderate to severe. Examples of acute pain from our real life are that of cuts, burns, scrapes, fractures etc.

Whereas chronic pain is usually seen in people with ostoearthritic disorders and may span weeks, months and even years. It is usually very harmful since its hampers your abilities in day-to-day activities and may even lead to depression.

It is often tough to get rid of chronic pain but there are medications in which the pain can be reduced or temporarily removed. Arthritis pain can be caused by a number of factors.

Inflammation is the primary factor where the symptoms displayed are pain, redness, swelling etc. Caused due to the wear and tear of the tissue at the joints due to excessive physical stress. Secondly pain may also result from damage of joints, which leads to deterioration, and stiffening of joints.

Moreover, arthritis pain may also result from Fatigue and Depression both the factors making the pain very hard to tolerate. If treated properly and with care chronic pain may drastically reduced or even cured completely.


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