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Arthritis Knee Pain is observed commonly in youngsters and young adults alike. Knee pain is generally cause due to the softening and damaging of the cartilage that lines the back of the knee cap.

The most observable symptoms are that of pain and inflammation felt in front of the knees or in some cases grinding or clicking sensations may be felt or heard behind the kneecap due to the cartilage becoming soft and rough.

There are also cases where there is a clicking sound heard but it is not accompanied by pain. These symptoms may be very painful at times and may hamper day-to-day activities whereas in some cases it is almost negligible and may be felt as a dull ache. It basically varies from person to person.

If you are facing any of these conditions then you should immediately consult your Health Care Professional since it may not be long that it will become severe. A physical examination of the knee is made in order to detect the reason behind the pain, which may be due to roughness behind the kneecap or any other reason like increase of the fluid in the joints since even this may lead to swelling and may be the cause of pain.

The primary cause of Arthritis Knee Pain is still unknown although it is believed that it occurs due to excessive physical stress on the knees due to rigorous physical exercise or because of repeated injuries happening during falls etc.

Moreover some people have a greater tendency to develop the condition because of their kneecap being in the wrong position. Although it tends to get better with the passage of time some of its symptoms may become permanent and in these cases some drugs like painkillers can be used to bring about relief.

People facing such symptoms should keep away from strenuous physical activities so that it does not create excessive stress on the knee. If taken proper care then it will itself get better without any form of medication.

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