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There are many forms of Arthritis and hence the cure for Arthritis is not well defined.

It is usually very trying for the patient and the Health care professional. Proper treatment of Arthritis depends on correct diagnosis and its severity may vary with the location of the body part, which is effected. Moreover it also varies from individual to individual.

Integrating a host of factors and keeping a number of possibilities in view the diagnosis is conducted on the patient for arthritis cure. When Arthritic pain becomes worst or reappears it is termed as flare. Treatment should not be kept on hold for final diagnosis since there are ample treatment options like anti-inflammatory drugs and light exercises which will bring about relief and will also reduce the chances of join damage.

Drugs that are used for the treatment of Arthritis usually fall into the groups of anti-inflammatory drugs or disease modifying drugs which may bring about temporary relief from pain or cure Arthritis completely in the long run. For treating Arthritic forms like gout there are drugs available that function by decreasing uric acid in the blood.

Health Care Professionals may also prescribe a combination of medications in order to treat Arthritis. Moreover the medication that is prescribed to you may not work for some other person with similar symptoms and hence you should never share or mix your medications.

Moreover you should tell your doctor about all the medicines that you have been taking before opting for Arthritis medication. This helps in reducing the side effects of the drugs and to avoid harmful reactions between the drugs that may occur. Many drugs are reserved for short periods in order to bring about temporary relief or to control intense flares.

There are different arthritis cure options for you. Most individuals who are suffering from Arthritis do not need surgery for complete cure. But in cases where the symptoms are very painful and hampers daily activity totally then a surgery can drastically cut down pain and helps the individual to recover from Arthritis.

Surgery generally involves removal of the damaged or chronically inflamed tissue or in some cases by replacing the join completely with an artificial joint.


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