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Arthritis is a disease, which for may range from the slight morning stiffness or knee pain to a very severe pain, which may in some cases also disable the person to totally.

Arthritis is generally associated with inflammation, which in turn causes swelling, redness and pain. Arthritis affects joints, muscle, and connective tissue, which makes up or supports various structures of the body, including tendons, ligaments, cartilage, blood vessels, and internal organs. Arthritis is often associated with women who are of childbearing age.

Arthritis may also be associated with Infection. Certain bacteria can cause Arthritis and may cause severe damage, which can be reduced or totally removed with the help of antibiotics.

There are also syndromes like Fibromyalgia, which causes soft tissue rheumatism, commonly found in women. Researches that have been conducted and they have also found an association of Arthritis with HIV infection or in other terms AIDS.

Researches have proved that certain Arthritic symptoms are observed in individuals who are suffering from AIDS and are HIV positive. Researches are still being conducted to decipher the frequency, spectrum and natural history of these conditions. Some of these arthritic symptoms may be increasingly difficult to control within individuals who are HIV positive.

There are several case reports that also suggest that the use of immunosuppressive drugs, which are used widely in order to control Arthritis, may accelerate AIDS in patients who are HIV positive.

There are many forms of Arthritis, which can appear, and progress unpredictably and the diagnosis for Arthritis is not well defined. Thus it can be very trying both on the patient and the physician and the diagnosis is usually done after integrating a number of factors, which may put forward ample possibilities.


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