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The term ‘Arthritis’ is generally referred to the disease related to the bones, muscles and joints, ...

which generally implies any form of damage to these parts whereas the term ‘Rheumatism’ is basically a general term, used to describe pain or inflammation in or around bones, muscles and joints.

Rheumatism is a vague term and become almost obsolete since Health care professionals tend to be more specific when referring to the part of the body that is affected. The terms ‘Arthritis’, ‘Rheumatism’ and other disorders related to those of the bones, muscles and muscles are generally referred to as ‘Rheumatic Diseases.

There are around 200 types of rheumatic diseases, like arthritis which cause painful inflammation and disruption of the body’s joints, muscles and connective tissues. Arthritis can be classified basically into four categories.

These are Inflammatory Arthritis, which covers the disorders of the joint lining thus affecting the surface of the joint and underlying bone, Osteoarthritis, the commonest form of Arthritis, is used to refer to conditions where the cartilage becomes thin forming an extra bone at the edge thus leading to excessive stress on joints, which may lead to injury.

The third classification of Arthritis concerns regional musculoskeletal pains, which may arise due to irritation of tendons and ligaments associated with the bones etc. It is generally used to refer to pain, inflammation in or around bones, muscles or joints where there are no symptoms of Arthritis whereas the last classification concerns ‘Back Pain’ and all common disorders that that may arise from muscles, soft tissues, bones and joints.

The problem of Arthritis and Rheumatism are not confined to older people or certain group of people. All age groups and classes of people may experience common conditions. Research have proved that it is more common in the class of people who have the habit of often working overtime or are overweight since in these cases the joints have more to carry.

Moreover external factors like previous injuries, bad habits, occupational hazards or other factors that are physically very demanding can also lead to Arthritis. Severe Arthritis is found very rarely but after getting old the body has a tendency to develop some degree of Arthritis or to be more specific ‘Osteoarthritis’.


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